TRAV Rider Achievement Certificate Program

 Guidelines for Use

This program is a list of riding skills that can be used in different ways:

1. The instructors can use skill areas for pre-testing, setting riding goals, as teaching guidelines or objectives and for post-testing.

2. Riding students can gain an awareness of their individual skill acquisition as they observe their mastery (80% of the time; 4 out of 5 trials).  It may be appropriate for students themselves to actively participate in the planning and setting of goals based on the sequential objectives of the program.

3. Use of the certification program can assist in preparing riding students for competition in therapeutic horse shows and clinics sponsored locally or by TRAV, and for mainstreaming into riding classes, shows, clinics and other equine activities for the non-disabled.

4. The certification program can be helpful in the successful transition to another riding facility or equine activity.


Directions for Completing Checklists

1. Make a copy of the appropriate level for each student.

2. As individual skills are mastered, record the date in blue or black ink.

3. When a student has mastered all of the skills* at a particular level, the instructor should then sign the checklist and give it to the program administrator (or designated person) who will submit it for a certificate.

4. The completed checklists should then be submitted to either author by email or mail to:

Cheryl Coughlin 137679 Orchard Drive Clifton, Va. 20124 E-mail: Phone (703) 887-3014

Marjorie Youngs P.O. Box 9 Boyce, Va. 22620 E-mail: Phone (540) 533-2777

A certificate will be sent to the center within three weeks. The certificates will be signed by the co-authors of the TRAV rider certificate.

*There may be situations where a student, due to a disability-related limitation, can master the vast majority, but not all of the skills listed for a particular level. In such instances, an explanation prepared by the instructor should be submitted along with the checklist.

For future updated rider certification program information contact: