TRAV Education Day – October 1st

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Hope you will join us Sunday October 1, 2017  at LIFT ME UP!

9700 Georgetown Pike,  Great Falls, Virginia 22066; to learn more about the following:

MASTERSON METHOD: Members of the Therapeutic Riding Association of Virginia (TRAV) will receive training on the Masterson Method, an integrated, multi-modality method of equine massage. It is a unique, interactive method of equine massage in which you learn to recognize and use the responses of the horse to your touch to find and release accumulated tension in key junctions of the body that most affect performance. In contrast to most traditional modalities, it enables the horse to actively participate in the process of releasing tension.


  • Becky Tenges: MMCP, Advanced Masterson Method Instructor, Mentor and Coach. She discovered the Masterson Method Integrated Bodyworks when she bought a horse that required therapeutic touch. She conducts an active equine bodyworks business.
  •  Mary Kay Burkart: MMCP, conducted a majority of Masterson Method case studies with the wonderful herd at Loudoun Therapeutic Riding. She is LTR’s 2016 Volunteer of the Year!! She has recently been promoted to serve as Coach to students working towards Masterson Method certification.
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